Can you Be Happy Still No Matter What?

Hello. I, Julie, am glad you paid us a visit here on Be Happy Still. Please read About Me and Why I started this blog to learn more about this site’s purpose. Otherwise, enter now to view uplifting and insightful content at your own risk of no longer feeling alone or miserable.

What to Expect on Be Happy Still -- Section Descriptions

The Positivity Challenge

Join the discussion that involves making sure you say one positive thing about a person who is struggling. Also gain insight that will help you out of your negative slump. Watch for future announcements concerning "Positivity Challenge" contests. Read more...

Happiness Redefined

Explore what happiness is and what happiness isn't. Find out how we can recondition ourselves to be content no matter what. Learn the difference between true happiness and fleeting euphoria. Read more...

In Spite of Hard Times

Some of the happiest people I ever met lived in shacks built of wood, cement and whatever other scraps they could find. Many of the people in this poor Mexican village had no indoor plumbing or electricity and dumped their garbage in piles on the border of their community, but it didn't seem to phase them. I'm not even sure if they are aware of how better other people in the world supposedly had it. We could learn a lot from these people. This is only one example of contentment we could use as an example. I will reference this as well as other stories that can make us appreciate what we have. Read more...

My Spiritual Journey

Most of the posts will be in the "My Personal Exodus" and "Many Thanks and Praises" categories of this blog section. However, you will also find some right here under "My Spiritual Journey" that may not fit under the other two categories. Read more...

My Personal Exodus

Like the Israelites who escaped Egypt and had their Exodus out of slavery to find the Promised Land, I started my personal journey out of the religion I was in to seek newfound freedom. Read more...

Many Thanks and Praises

I started this section to remind myself of everything I do have that I take for granted. It helps take the focus off of complaining, which can help my life feel a little less "cursed."

Read praises written in my own words, and find encouragement in the scriptures I might reference as I tell you what I am thankful for today. Read more...

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