Be Happy Still is on a Mission to Help you…

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to just “Be Happy Still” right now? This may be hard to understand depending on what your circumstances are. We all want better for our lives in some ways, and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, what if we never get anything we want? What then? This site was created not because life is easy but because life is hard, but I know it’s possible to be happy no matter what. When we say happy, we mean an inner contentment that lasts versus the fleeting excitement that is only temporary. Read more below about about the people or characters that make up this blog. 

Julie’s Story

Julie used to take in every word that evangelists, pastors, motivational speakers, teachers and counselors would say. She always believed that she would “someday be somebody.”

Julie also believed that she could do anything she wanted to do even if someone said, “You can’t do it!” This faith still exists inside of her in spite of every unfortunate circumstance including her recent spouse being put in an assisted living home. (They do not have a state marriage license but made a commitment of marriage to one another before having to be separated.) 

Julie says, “I’m not going to lie to you. As I grew up, I started making some of the same mistakes over and over again. I also began to feel like I could no longer prove others wrong who would discourage me from trying to achieve my goals. But I still keep getting up and trying over and over again.”

After a string of bad events happening one after another — and sometimes it was new struggles daily — She wondered if it would ever end. Would she ever arrive? 

During all these trials, Julie often thought, what do I do now?

What good will I ever be if I never am able to get my own life together?

Julie then went on a research quest to find out how many other people feel exactly this way sometimes. What a relief it was to find out she was not and still am not alone!  If you can identify with this, at least you also know you’re not the only one. However, we can choose to be happy still in spite of it all or choose to be miserable, right?

Zoe is a fictional character that you may see not only here on Be Happy still but on other sites. Her persona is in her 40s and her spouse just passed away after battling cancer for four years.  Before she was married, she had her share of relationships she was not proud of, but she has learned from them and brings that and her experience, strength and hope to Be Happy Still.

Zoe, although fictional, adds an extra dimension to this blog. It helps make it be more interactive in a new way with a limited production budget.

Be Happy still was created to help you find a way to be happy no matter what. When you read more About Us and “Why I started This Blog,” I hope you will feel inspired for two reasons: I’m no different than you, and there is a way to be happy no matter what, but it takes effort. You can also view the FAQs.

For a long time, there was a war inside of me, Julie. I always battled between wanting to help others but also not wanting to neglect my own needs. The longing for financial security and desire to not conform to society also became a conflict. Not only that, but I often struggled to find contentment and felt the pressure of being “perfect” before I could be to people what I always wanted to be – an encourager and a motivator. Read more about why I started this blog. >>

Who is Julie?

She is the author of this blog. When you see her real face in productions, it is attached to a cartoon body, but it is her real voice.

Who is Zoe?

She is the animated spokesperson who represents the Be Happy Still blog.  You will see her in photos and in videos and perhaps recognize her from other places online. She is a fictional character.

Why do you need Zoe?

Zoe represents stories that Julie, the Be Happy Still author herself would not be able to tell because they are not hers.

How old are you?

Both Julie, the author of this blog, and the Zoe character is in her mid 40s.

What is your relationship status?

I, Julie,  Julie is now separated from her spouse/significant other who is now in an assisted living home. Zoe’s late spouse passed away after living the best four years of his life in spite of battling cancer. More Be Happy Still FAQS >>