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Who is Julie?

She is the author of this blog. When you see her face in productions, it is attached to a cartoon body, but it is her real voice.

Who is Zoe?

She is the animated spokesperson who represents the Be Happy Still blog.  You will see her in photos and in videos and perhaps recognize her from other places online. She is a fictional character.

Why do you need Zoe?

Zoe represents stories that Julie, the Be Happy Still author herself would not be able to tell because they are not hers.

How old are you?

Both Julie, the author of this blog, and the Zoe character is in her mid 40s.

What is your relationship status?

I, Julie,  Julie is now separated from her spouse/significant other who is now in an assisted living home. Zoe’s late spouse passed away after living the best four years of his life in spite of battling cancer. 


Additional Questions — Be Happy Still FAQs

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Good question! Actually, I can’t really tell you how to be happy. Only you can figure it out on your own. However, I am suggesting that the approval of friends, family, society or employers is fleeting. The true happiness comes from when you are happy no matter what in spite of personal circumstances, relationship status or financial situation.

I say this is not a “religious” blog, meaning, I have chosen to keep the name of a particular religion out of some public portions of my blog. However,  I find it impossible to abandon talking about my faith entirely because it is an ingrained part of me. Therefore, I have decided to add a section called “My Spiritual Journey” under which you will find more specific information about the background of my faith. Other portions of my blog not under these menu items do not mention the name of a specific deity or religion.  See the Be Happy Still Home Page for More information about how content on this site is organized. 

Everyone is at a different place in life, and  I want to leave it up to people who are hungry and eager to learn more to contact me privately. I believe it’s better than chasing down people who don’t want to hear about it. Not only that, but I am not presenting myself as any kind of religious teacher but just as an individual. Again, the exception is in the “My Spiritual Journey” sections and subsections where I document my transition from one path toward another. 

I believe in and have a personal relationship with my savior and my heavenly father who sent him on this earth to save me, heal, me and deliver me. What I believe may sound like the basis of one of the major world religions, but in many ways, it is different. For one, I did much digging to learn what are the true names of the saviour and creator.  Go here to learn more >>

You can send a message here to Be Happy Still. Feel free to ask us anything you want — doesn’t mean we always have an answer, but you have that right. 🙂 Also note that this is a subscription form, so you would have to confirm your email to get a response from us.