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If you sift through some of my posts in My Personal Exodus Journal, you may come across a reading about my first year truly with no Christmas. I can only imagine how crazy some people may think that I am in the process of swearing off all holidays us Americans and people worldwide celebrate. However, I didn’t realize until lately that giving up these traditions would be met with such grieving.

It hasn’t all been sadness, though. That just came lately because of some trials and tribulations I endured. I want to assure you I do have times of joy because I know that my heavenly father will see me through with giving me the encouragement, wisdom and knowledge I need.

Much of the path I am may seem similar to the Christian faith into which I was born because I still study from the same scriptures I always had. However, this path I am now is in some ways is vastly different. I especially noticed some grieving in regards to giving up Christmas, Easter, Halloween, etc. However, it’s more than that. I tell this tale in  My Personal Exodus.
Also, I decided to stop complaining so much because I recall what happened to the Israelites who complained in the desert. Some of them, if not many of them, lost their lives from complaining. Therefore, I also started my personal Many Thanks and Praises journal.

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It was a long time coming. I had changes I needed to make — and ones I still need to make. This chronicles my ups and downs on the road to finding happiness. Much of this includes leaning on my faith during hard times. In addition, I have had many spiritual epiphanies every time one door closes and another opens.  View a complete directory of this Be Happy Still blog on the home page. Otherwise, enter here to read

From the first day I decided to no longer call myself a Christian until now, I have faced many trials and temptations. Grief has also overcame me as I begin to let go of traditions I always knew and loved. This section is about finding myself while in my personal Exodus.  Start reading here

Since I know that some of the Israelites diet for complaining during times when we probably would have thought they had every try to, I made it one of my vows for this coming year to write down my thanks and praises. Focusing on the positive is one way to keep from staying depressed and have the peace, joy and happiness that we could all have. Go here for more inspiration.