For a long time, there was a war inside of me… 

For a long time, there was a war inside of me. I always battled between wanting to help others but also not wanting to neglect my own needs. The longing for financial security and desire to not conform to society also became a conflict. Not only that, but I often struggled to find contentment and felt the pressure of being “perfect” before I could be to people what I always wanted to be – an encourager and a motivator.

How could I help others be happy if I myself am miserable? I often wondered. However, I also have found out that a number of motivational speakers had struggled with depression.

One of them even admitted to feeling depressed on his blog, but he also said, “I’m down, but I’m not out.” With all the millions of people regardless of job titles, income status or relationship status suffering from depression; this does not surprise me one bit. I am glad he was honest about it, too.

Its not about the fact that we are down and depressed, but rather, it is how we deal with it that matters.

That’s the message I am relaying to all of you. We can be as down as we want sometimes, but we are not out. There’s always someone we can turn to when we have issues. If one person doesn’t want to deal with us, we just have to keep trying until we do find someone who cares.

I will also say that I have no intention of promoting any religion on this blog. However, I will say that I don’t believe my faith in a higher power growing up was all in vain. However, if it comes up, it’s because it’s such a part of me that I just can’t help it.

Concerning my faith, I don’t always follow the teachings I learned. However, I notice when I am feeling the most down and out is when I remember all the spiritual sermons that brought me out of depression in the past.  The same is true of any speaker who has something positive to say versus someone who might feel the need to criticize me too much.

I started this blog because I believe it truly is possible to Be Happy Still no matter what. However, I’m being realistic about it, whereas we all are going to have bad days. It’s how we deal with them that makes a difference.

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